At Lefty’s Cafe, we are always looking for great people to join our team.


Careers at Lefty’s

As you can probably tell by reading through our ‘about us’ section – we’re passionate and dedicated about several things. Great food, the highest care for our customers, and perhaps our greatest commitment – the care and careers of our great team members.

Our business is somewhat of a second family to us and we are proud to offer a safe, professional, and culture based working environment for all who join us. Working at Lefty’s provides an opportunity to serve the public, improve upon and learn new organizational skills, be a contributing team member and impact our community.


We’re not just looking for people who are looking for work. We’re looking for people who read through our Points of Culture below and say, “those are inspiring and fantastic, and I would love to work within and embody those values everyday!”.

Available Positions
Cook – An integral team member that has a passion for continual learning, creating raving Lefty’s fans and working in a fast paced environment with amazing team members.  In this position, you will promote and embrace our 11 Points of Culture as you prepare meals for our guests and work as a team to ensure each and every customer, whether it is their first time or 100th time dining with us, has the ultimate guest experience.
Server – As a server in a fast paced environment you will be surpass customer expectations whether it is their first time or 100th time dining with us, by going the extra mile to create raving Lefty’s fans.  In this position, you will promote and embrace our 11 Points of Culture as you serve our guests like they are a guest in your own home.  You will strive to be a solution provider, forecast what the customer will need and be genuinely thankful and grateful the guest came to dine with us today. 
Even if nothing is currently posted, we are inviting anybody to put their hand in the air at anytime during the year should you be interested in being a part of our team. We are looking for great people and great team members first and foremost. Positions at Lefty’s include servers, cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers, managers, catering attendants, and potentially more should a great fit come along.

Still Interested?

Great. Step one would be to thoroughly consider our points of culture listed below and be honest with yourself in how you react to them. If they are not resonating with you and you feel you would not be excited and willing to work within them and uphold them everyday with us, then…no hard feelings, but there is no next step for you. Thank you for investigating a career with us! If however, you feel that those are values that you embrace as well, and would be proud to work within and embody those points of culture in your workplace, great…next step is to complete our simple application form HERE. (please no not send resume – step one is completing the simple application form).

Lefty’s 11 Points of Culture

We are committed to an environment for our customers and team members that is consistent and unwavering and based upon the values we believe in, and that commitment has inspired
our 11 Points of Culture.

#1 Commitment

I am either 100% committed or 0% committed – there is no in between. I recognize and embrace that even though I may work part-time hours, I still have full commitment to our processes, our customers, my teammates, our culture, and our vision. 

#2 Ownership

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me! I take complete responsibility, accountability, and ownership for ensuring my tables and customers have an amazing experience, being a caring and professional team member, and striving towards my personal goals and our team goals. I take action and own every situation and do whatever it takes to complete what I notice needs doing. I am proud of the business, my teammates, our food, our service, and our customer loyalty. I will hold myself accountable to make everyday at Lefty’s a great day.

#3 Excellence

I strive to deliver excellence at all times. My customers deserve excellence and my team deserves excellence. The food I prepare and serve will always be of the highest quality. The customers I serve will always receive my full attention and professionalism. My team and my company can rely on my commitment to excellence with every task I do. Good enough isn’t.

#4 Communication

I never assume. I communicate clearly and thoroughly and I understand that ‘true communication’ – is the response I get. I will immediately communicate any information that may affect the safety, enjoyment, or experience of my customers, or my team members. I speak positively at all times about Lefty’s Cafe and our team, and only address concerns in private with the person involved. I am strongly aware that I communicate with my tone and body language as well as with my voice and I take care to ensure my overall communication leaves customers with a fantastic experience.

#5 Consistency

I acknowledge that Lefty’s reputation has been built on quality and consistency. I strive to deliver a consistent experience and product to my customers at all times. I also strive to be consistent in carrying out the process and systems outlined as part of my position.  

#6 Systems

I respect the need for systems, and the thought that went into all our current systems. I follow the company systems at all times. When I see an opportunity to improve a current system I communicate my ideas at the appropriate times and situations. 

#7 Education

I believe that if I am willing to learn, nothing can stop me; and if I’m not willing to learn, nothing can help me. I am a lifelong learner. I always embrace the education and training provided to me by Lefty’s and I always look to learn on my own terms as well. I will always be open to looking at new ways of doing things, and I help educate my teammates. 

#8 Pride

I have pride in myself, my team members, or food, our company, and our culture. I understand that how I do one thing is how I do everything, and I take pride in everything I do. I will ensure that I can look back and be proud of every moment of everyday – proud of the way I served and treated our customers, proud of the way I looked after our restaurant and team members, and proud of myself.

#9 Trust

I trust my team members, and my team members and customers can always trust me. I never forget there are several moving parts that make up a great day at our restaurant and that I must have trust, and be trustworthy. I can be relied on. I am a reliable person, team member, and customer service provider. I can be trusted for my consistency in performance, actions, behaviour, and mindset. I trust that our business is always looking after its people, customers and community, and our business can in turn trust in me.

#10 Community

I am proud to live, work, and make an impact in my community. I am committed to ensuring our restaurant is a safe, friendly, honest, and reliable community foundation that provides great food, careers, and financial and social impact to the community and surrounding area.

#11 Fun

I enjoy myself, my team members, my customers, and my career at our Lefty’s. I understand that fun is contagious, and that my demeanor, tone, and body language can significantly impact the enjoyment and experience of my customers and all around me. I will only remain at our restaurant as long as I am having fun, and not a day longer.